I recommend you do not use the services of the following online divorce site:

www.quickie-divorce.co.uk quickie-divorce uk divorce welsh divorce divorce in wales english divorce divorce in england online divorce
NB my warning applies to English and Welsh potential divorcees despite the initial explanation of my reasons.

The site gives the appearance of being a "UK" site as indicated by the use of the label "UK" on every page. However, it does not handle Scottish divorces. As far as I am aware Scotland is still part of the UK. Oh, by the way I'm from Yorkshire and not some Scot with a bee in his bonnet.

The site only says that it is for England & Wales in small print just prior to pressing the "Submit" button which I did not notice at the time (divorce is an emotional process isn't it?. Hence lack of attention). Once you are past this point they will take £40 from your account even though the subsequent forms and documentation are of no use to anyone in Scotland. This, despite the fact it accepts Scottish postcodes when you enter your address, without any warning or reminder : which, is very deceptive, in my opinion. NB not fact but an opinion based on my experience of the myriad of internet frauds and dubious business practices which I am sure many of you may have also experienced.

They have point blank refused to refund my £40. Their attitude is unprofessional so I would be very wary of any good service even you live in England or Wales. They may be genuine but why take the chance since if they were professional in their attitude they would also know that such dubious practices exist on the internet.

There are plenty of other online divorce sites that clearly state "England + Wales" hence why I didn't select one of them ! So choose one of those instead if you live in England or Wales. It is my opinion that quickie-divorce are being purposely deceptive, if they weren't they would accept that mistakes can be made and would refund my money immediately. I know this to be true because such firms (not divorce related) do indeed conduct their business in such an honourable and ethical manner and refund mistakes without question.

Ask yourself: Do you want to trust a business, with your divorce, that takes money from people who have made a mistake in using their website because they are going through a stressful time in their lives, such as yourself?