I recommend you do not purchase goods from the following store :

Comet (Parent company - Kesa electricals) comet electrical supplies electronic goods dvd player hdd recorder television kesa electricals
The sequence of events that I experienced were:

  1. A Sanyo HDD/DVD Recorder was purchased on the 20th December 2005 for 229.
  2. It had an intermittent fault causing the machine to freeze and unuseable as a player once warm.
  3. It was returned to Comet on the 18th January who ONLY offered a repair.
  4. They took 25 days to supposedly repair it and the job card shows a repair cost of 374.50
  5. I collected the machine on the 16th February
  6. I returnd to Comet on the 17th February at 10am since the machine still had the original fault.
  7. The manager refused to give me my money back.
  8. As of today I still have in my possession an unuseable Sanyo HDD/DVD recorder.

Shop at Comet and cross your fingers your purchase works