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OpenOffice API (Calc)

This document has been written as a simple reference since I could not find a relevant one on the net. I found two varieties, very simple overview or exceedingly involved! Objects have not been extensively resolved for their methods and properties but only those that I believe are appropriate in the circumstances.

The API documentation on the OpenOffice web site is not for the faint hearted so hopefully this document will help. Please note that this is still being written but it may prove useful even in its unfinished state. I hope to have this completed by the end of September 2007.

Microsoft Word Format

OOO Writer Format

OpenOffice BASIC

This is also a quick but complete reference. Most of this has been lifted from the Staroffice Programmers Manual and the inline help coupled with a hefty dose of re-formatting. Please be aware that some of the descriptions might not make sense (they don't to me....yet) as they are unchanged and untested.

Microsoft Word Format

OOO Writer Format

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