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Malcolm Andrew Ripley Systems.

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Version 2.0, Released 18 Apr 2000

A very simple application which will copy an inkset from the photoreal directory to the default one used by the printer drivers. Currently works for epson drivers only.


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Version 4.0, Released 20 Jan 2001

This application defines a new set of icons. Within the application is a sprite file called "building" which contains templates for the icon families such as image files, data files, language files, compressed files etc


Some example icons are :

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Version 4.3, Release August 2004

This application creates aliases/shortcuts of files, directories and applications.


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Version 1.0, Released 20 March 2001

A utility which fixes the conflict that can occur with versions of the Toolbox modules being incorrectly located in !System.


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Schema - extensions

Version 1.0, Released 12 August 2002

This is an extension to the functionality and appearance of Schema2. The application and toolbar sprites have been rewritten for the higher resolution square pixel screen modes. The toolbar has been upgraded to have separators and additional tools. Two "excel" style editing functions have been added. Insert mode (with toolbar icons) can now be before the selected rows/columns (as in Excel) or after as in Schema. A copy right and copy down function has been added. If an area is selected and ctrl-r is pressed then the leftmost column is copied across into all the selected cells. Likewise if ctrl-d is pressed then the top row is copied down into the selected cells.


The enhanced toolbar looks like :

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Photodesk - enhancements

Version 1.2, Released 3rd June 2004

I eventually got fed up with the blank Gamma window when trying to set the same settings from session to session. So I have now created a numbered grid as the Gamma window background. This latest release applies the grid to the printer calibration window as well.

Unzip this download and copy it over your Photodesk application to upgrade it.


The gamma display looks like :

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Version 5.4e 4th June 2006

This application can be used in immediate mode for viewing files, converting formats and printing. It's main purpose though, is to create a catalogue of sprites, drawfiles, jpegs, digital camera AVI's and any file format recognised by ImageFS. It will also extract the EXIF information embedded in digital camera jpegs, AVI's and TIFF's. It has adopted the EXIF standard, with some slight variations, for its own internal database. The database can be edited. Images can be copied, moved, transformed and renamed within the catalogue.

This application is constantly being improved and minor bug fixes will be released without a formal notification. If you discover a bug, first check if this site has a later version and look at the readme file for a list of changes.

* v5.3 2nd-Oct Announced release

* v5.4a 8th-Oct Bug fix release

* v5.4b 13th oct Removed crashing debug lines ! (whoops)

* v5.4c 7th Feb Interim bug fixes

* v5.4d 14th Feb Bug fix release, C conversion friendly and much more testing than 5.4c.

* v5.4e 4th Jun Modified print interface (manual not updated yet)

* v5.4f 11th jul Fixed contact printing for previous change and modified the way albums are built i.e. more interactive (so you can cancel the build)

* V5.4g 21st sep Fixed some introduced bugs and added the ability to use a template for HTML export.

* v5.4h 5th Oct More bug fixes including the correct handling of invalid thumbnails in Exif files.

v5.4h download including source code (1.1Mb)    v5.4h download run-only (836Kb)    

You can also view the documentation by clicking here

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