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Image Catalogue Application

6 User Options

Thumbcat can be tailored in many ways to suit the users preferences of look and feel. The options screen is accessed from the Iconbar menu item "Options" and it looks like :

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6.1 Book Style

This area defines how the book style windows look. The current selection of bindings and finishes are:

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Metal Spiral Glue Plastic Spiral

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Blue Dark Tan Plain White Red Retro

6.2 Filer Style

This area defines how many columns are displayed in a filer style album view. All other filer style display windows have a fixed format.

6.3 Album View

This defines the common attributes of a book and filer style album views. The image size defines the size of the thumbnails that are created when images are catalogued and the size of the thumbnail display area. If a thumbnail has been created that is larger than the current size then it will be scaled down. If a thumbnail has been created that is smaller than the current size then its "smaller" size will be preserved. The reason for this is that scaling thumbnails up tends to make them look very untidy and pixilated.

If the preferred size has changed since a catalogue or catalogues were created then the thumbnails could always be re-created if necessary.

6.4 Detail View

This defines the common attributes of a book and filer style detail views. The image size defines the size of the created and displayed thumbnails. The behaviour is the same as for album thumbnails.

6.5 Timings

This defines the responsiveness of Thumbcat to external changes to an image and/or the rate at which slides change.

When an image is Alt-dragged to a.n.other application and that application modifies the image, Thumbcat recognises that the original has changed and re-creates the thumbnails. The rate at which Thumbcat checks for external changes is set here. When an image changes the rate is initially set to 0.1s and slows by 0.1s per check down to the rate set here. Thus frequent changes occur at a fast rate of every 0.1s whereas "steady state" slows down to a user defined value.

The slide interval is the time in seconds between slideshow image changes.

6.6 Layout

These define the spacing of all window types of all styles.

Inner margin size defines the space between and image and a border in both the album and detail views.

Outer Margin defines the spacing between objects in all views. This includes the margin between a window border and the catalogue text list, the spacing between album "slides", the spacing between headers and the main display area etc.

6.7 Printing

The units option defines the units used in the printer setup window. They have no effect on the printing process and are for the users personal preference.

Performance enhancement is used to reduce the size of the intermediate drawfiles that are built for printing. The resolution applies to the viewable image not the resolution of the printer. Under normal viewing conditions the human eye can resolve 300dpi colour and 600dpi monochrome. When an image is being printed the resolution of the scaled image is determined and if this is higher than the resolution chosen here then the image will be scaled before inserting into the drawfile. This will result in a smaller filesize especially for multiple images. Normally an unmodified image is inserted into a drawfile and the drawfile object has the scaling specified.

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