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Image Catalogue Application

1 Introduction

Thumbcat is primarily an application for the cataloguing of photos and clipart however the functionality can be roughly split into three :

1.1 Display of images

Any file, of a format that thumbcat recognises, can be dragged to the iconbar icon and the image will be displyed in a detail style window. A detail style window shows a large thumbnail of 600 or 800 pixels in size. When the image is double clicked a data window is displayed showing sizes,dates titles etc. The data displayed is based very closely upon the Digtal Camera EXIF standard. However, the difference is that the Thumbcat database is a consolidation of the standard tags and all maker notes.

The tags displayed are limited to a few mandatory tags and whichever others have been selected by the user via the tag selection window.

Thumbcat can display catalogues in of two styles, filer or book.

Filer Style Album list

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Filer Style Album View

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Book Style Album List

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Book Style Album View

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The book style has configurable bindings, finishes and colours.

1.2 Cataloguing

When Thumbcat builds a catalogue it generates and stores three items of information for each image in a directory tree:

1.3 HTML

This creates web pages to mimic the desktop display and functionality that links the three main displays.

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