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This site includes the following :

  • (Software) - My own RiscOS software that I have found useful. I will be adding Linux software since I have now switched from RiscOS to Linux.

  • (Family) - An area for the other members of my family (un edited).

  • (Gallery) - Art gallery containing some photographs taken in Scotland and my own drawings. Prints of the drawings can be purchased from myself, details are included in the art gallery.

  • (Toolbox) - Hints & Tips, documentation etc for both RiscOS and Linux (PCLOS variety). There is a very useful OpenOffice Basic and Calc API summary here.

  • Personal experiences as a consumer (on this page) both bad and good.

Thanks for visiting this site.

Consumer warnings

Please find below a list of companies with whom I have had "less than expected" service. It is my recommendation that you avoid all dealings with these companies since their general (common) attitude is one of arrogance. Once they have your money your are an inconvenience. Please click on the entry for more details.


Comet (Parent Company : Kesa Electricals)

The following companies have been slated for providing a poor service by my family and/or friends.

Everest (double glazing)

Consumer Praise

Please find below a list of companies who have an excellent treatment of their customers.


Internet service provider

My first dealings were when I ran out of webspace. Within 12 hours of emailing them (in the evening) my webspace had been increased from the default of a few meg to a much more useful 20Mb with more available if I needed it.

I upgraded from dialup to broadband no technical problems whatsoever. However due to my bank card expiring at exactly the same time there was a confusion when I switched to my credit card. Four months later this was eventually sorted but they admitted that the problem was theirs and I was not charged for the previous 4 months. Excellent

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